Sunday, November 4, 2007

New trick for an old dog

This is new. Definitely new to me. I barely know how to use my email. Hopefully I'll learn while here and maybe say something worth reading once in a while. Why "... the edge...?" You might be asking. Well, Ben Harper said it best when interviewed for Outside magazine: "I've got four kids. Four kids is an extreme sport, period." Couldn't have said it better.
The numbers and names will change for me though.

I have an amazing wife, Megan; five incredible children: Meyson(14), Brianna(10), Cody(6), Carson(3), Memphis(16 mos.), and yes here is the edge, the extreme, if you will...we are happily expecting number six!

Megan and the three girls are all rooting for another girl. Meyson, myself, and Memphis(by proxy) are crossing fingers for a boy. This of course is all fun and games as we only pray for health and will be grateful either way.

We also have a dog. Junah. Megan says she is the worst behaved child of all. She is part Black-Lab and Blue Heeler. Junah's great with the kids and adds to the comic relief of our home effortlessly.