Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Night at the Ballet

On Saturday, Cody performed in her ballet school's annual recital and, of course, we went as a family to watch and support her. She was terrific! Her class' performance was brief as she is only in level 1; we are very proud anyway.
I had the great pleasure of being seated between my two girls, Brianna and Carson.
It turned out to be a night of pure beauty for all of us. Megan, glowing with both pride and pregnancy, was holding Cody's bouquet as we all watched the different levels perform. After one of the company's more intense dances, Bri' turned to me and said "that was awesome". I had to agree.
I have never considered myself a fan of ballet, yet...I feel I may have been won over by the beauty of it all. It is not that the dancers themselves were beautiful, which most of them are, I believe it is the fluidity and the delicate balance between the music and the movements on stage. I have to admit some of the dances almost moved me to tears. Why is that? You might say I am just a big baby, and my wife will probably agree. Really, I was spellbound and amazed by what this incredible body God gave us is capable of.

I am not a dancer. I am sure some have even considered calling the doctor when they have seen me try. I do appreciate dancing though. These days everyone is enthralled with "Dancing With the Stars"; and yes, I have even taken a few ballroom dancing lessons and enjoyed it very much. Ballet is now one of my favorite forms of dance, from a spectators point of view.
The dancers tell an intricate story with no words to muddle things up. Most of the perfomances were choreographed by the dancers themselves and one was dedicated, appropriately so as it was Mothers' Day eve, to the choreographer's Mom. It was called "Reach For Me" and I definately felt the story of a mother reaching out to her child.

The greatest perfomance of the night for me though, was during one of the more advanced "company" pieces, when Carson let herself be swept away by the music and proceeded with her very own ballet in the seat. At first I was torn between telling Carson to stop and watch what was on stage or watching her. To my own benefit, I chose the latter. Seated next to me Carson, eyes closed, perfomed wth her head and arms some of the "moves" seen on stage that night.
It was beautiful.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're home

Well we are all moved in now and as you can imagine, everyone is draggin' thier tired behind them! I'm so proud of Megan; she is working so hard and has about 77 irons in the fire. The most impressive one being that she is now only DAYS away from giving birth. I get worn out trying to keep up with her still.
Everything has been moved in, the other house has been cleaned *thanks Tammy*, and the mess here is diminishing rapidly. I think all the kids like thier rooms and the space is great. Junah even seems to know that THIS IS HOME!

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Official!

Well folks...we finally, thank God, have a HOME. David, our realtor, delivered the keys to us on Wednesday evening! Megan put the story on her blog in wonderful prose. Click on story to get the full details of how blessed we have been.
One thing I noticed in all of this is how easy it is to cry out to and for God when we struggle. It's also easy to be grateful in the midst of great blessing. The thing that is sometimes hard is to cry out to and for God when you feel satisfied and things are going your way. request is this: join with us in praise and thanksgiving for the incredible way that our lives have been blessed yet also; pray with us for God's will in the blessing.
I know that we will enjoy our new home very much along with all the good that has come this past year, but I also believe and have heard somewhere that "we are blessed in order to be a blessing".
Thank you all who have prayed and been there with us in this journey. I don't know what other surprises and challenges lie ahead but with the amazing friends and families God has placed in our path I'm sure it's gonna be one heck of a ride.